From Separation to Liberation

I have over 26 years combined experience as a divorce solicitor and an accredited family mediator, as well as my personal experience of separation, and bring you a blend of my knowledge, expertise, wisdom and compassion.

As a solicitor specialising in divorce I advised and represented peoples on all aspects of their divorce and separation, including finance, property and children’s issues. When my children were quite young I gave up work as a solicitor to concentrate on being a self-employed family mediator which helped me find balance between family and career. It also enabled me to focus on what I found really rewarding: helping both parties reach tailor- made, fair and realistic solutions in their divorce or separation.

In my role as a family mediator I have worked extensively with those going through divorce and separation helping them to reach amicable settlements instead of going through the stressful and expensive process of litigation.

In both my work as a family mediator and in presenting the court- directed separated parent programmes, I have given help and guidance to many parents on how to improve or strengthen their relationship as co- parents and develop useful strategies for moving forward with their lives as co-parents after separation.

I know from my professional and personal experience that many people greatly value, need and benefit from one-to-one guidance, support and encouragement a coach offers at a time of major life change brought about by divorce or separation.

I like to combine my professional and personal life experience when working with clients with my almost lifelong interest in personal development. I firmly believe when we are at peace within ourselves we are in a stronger position to face life’s challenges and move forward.