From Separation to Liberation

What to expect from me

How to save legal costs

I help you make the best use of your lawyer’s time so they can concentrate on the legal rather than emotional aspects. It’s important to be aware that your lawyer will charge you for every minute of their time with you or for you, whether on legal or emotional issues. This is where I help reduce your legal costs:

  • Act as your sounding board and provide emotional support
  • Explain and clarify the legal process
  • Tell you what to expect at each and every stage of your divorce and separation
  • Help you to reflect on your lawyer’s advice enabling you to make calm and rational decisions
  • Assist you to identify information your lawyer needs from you and questions you may want to ask your lawyer
  • Help with complex forms, documents or letters
  • Accompany you to meetings with your lawyer or court and talk things through so you understand their advice or what to expect

Information on the options available so you have clarity

You may be feeling disorientated, bewildered, confused or lacking in clear direction and wondering which way to turn but I provide:

  • Clear guidance on what your options are
  • Where to go for help
  • What to expect at any stage of your divorce or separation

I will also suggest when it might be a good time to bring in other professionals as part of your support team such as: lawyers, financial advisers, accountants, therapists, counsellors or others. I can give you details of professionals if you have not already engaged one or more, and I only refer you to trusted and experienced professionals who work with integrity and to high professional standards.

Emotional support and a listening ear

To enable you to be heard and so you can safely vent your feelings such as sadness, anger, fear and frustration. I provide you with understanding in a confidential and non-judgemental space.

I place emphasis on the importance of taking care of yourself both emotionally and physically so you can be at your most resourceful and do what’s best for you and your children. Together we can talk things through helping you see the bigger picture.

I provide you with tips and techniques to manage strong and conflicting emotions such as anger, frustration, sadness and despair. How to deal with negative emotions so that you feel more confident and able to cope with challenging situations such as meeting with your ex or how to respond to an angry email.

What children need during your divorce and after

I’ll help you with such matters as

  • When and what to tell the children about your divorce and separation
  • Tips on the most efficient way to communicate with the other parent
  • Information on how children are affected by divorce
  • Supporting the children’s relationship with your ex
  • How to help deal with children’s feelings
  • Help with creating a parenting plan and working out arrangements for your children

How to improve communications with your ex

How to handle difficult conversations with your ex or co parent and others. How to respond to challenging or hurtful comments. Emphasis on understanding that although you can’t control what others do you can control what you do and the way you choose to respond. I provide you with tips and techniques on the best way to manage conflict.

Redefining your life and planning your future

As your divorce coach I’ll help you:

  • Take stock of where you are now
  • Find out where you would like to be
  • Plan how you’ll get to where you would like to be
  • Deal with any obstacles on your route
  • Keep you on the right track and moving forward